City Center, Area: 2,00,000 Sq.Ft. view more
Student Housing, Area: 4,00,000 Sq.Ft view more
Factory, Area: 120000 Sq.Ft view more
City Center, Area: 2,00,000 Sq.Ft.
Student Housing, Area: 4,00,000 Sq.Ft
Factory, Area: 120000 Sq.Ft

We are well
recognized BIM Consulting firm

We are well recognized BIM Consulting firm, Providing various kind of BIM services & Outsourcing services provider helping clients to achieve error free execution, connected drawings / documents & detailed quantifications

BIM Tree is one of the leading engineering & construction consulting firms working with contractors, subcontractors, and project managers to accurately deliver data-centric building designs, walkthroughs, visualizations, and shop drawings. We provide enterprises with architectural and engineering services that meet international standards while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and achievement. Our work culture is supported by a positive outlook, in-depth expertise, and strong core values, which contribute to our outstanding performance, productivity, and retention.


Bim-Tree Services

BIM Services

We offer all kinds of BIM Services to all the stakeholders of the construction project. Our team will deliver any kind of project regardless of complexity. Deliverables are customized...

CAD Services

Our speciality in CAD drafting services is to provide detailed documentation, PDF Conversion to DWG & provide technical support to clients through communication.

Visualisation Services

Have an amazing Exterior façade or a beautiful interior, you will need a perfect visualization to showcase it to the client. With the most advanced tool available we will deliver...


There are few special Integration of BIM packages we provide, as the name says when you want BIM to be an integral part of project / organisation these is must.



Our team
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Charli Hopper


Meera Day


Nylah Ruiz


Mathew Sheldon



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Ollie Castro Architect

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Kali Bowler Architect

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Bruno Firth Designer

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