GFC / Shop Drawings From BIM Model

To ascertain the BIM project’s final status, BIM shop drawings or construction shop drawings are generated. This is the stage where building project approval and additional consideration are given. In the construction industry, shop drawings are crucial. Furthermore, it would not be incorrect to state that having BIM shop drawings drawn and created by an internal team would cause a few days or perhaps a few weeks to pass before the project could begin. Therefore, outsourcing BIM shop drawing services is the best and most practical option to prevent these delays and shorten the process.
They display information such as dimensions, assembly, size, material specs, etc. For the architects, etc., to complete the construction project precisely, they must have access to these specifics. Leading BIM and CAD service provider BIM Tree provides shop drawing services as per your standards. Employing its latest innovation, we quickly generate an exact and accurate set of shop drawings that meet the clients’ needs while adhering to industry standards.
Every construction project needs shop drawings showing sizes, measurements, material specifications, and other fabrication specifics. The shop drawings produced are trustworthy and consistent with the design purpose, thanks to the expertise of our staff. The following are some ways that our shop drawings help the project execution team:
All parties, including architects, MEP designers, and fabricators, may easily access information and communicate clearly.
It aids the design team’s verification and validation processes to ensure that the design and requirements are being followed.
It gives fabricators all the necessary knowledge to put the components together and construct them.
It helps general contractors and erectors by providing instructions for effectively and safely erecting the components on-site.
It considerably speeds up your project’s delivery schedules while maximizing benefits and minimizing fabrication reworks and price overruns.