Scan to Bim

Scan to BIM is a method that converts data obtained from a laser scanner into several forms of a fully developed BIM model. The technology is quite helpful for scanning bigger regions, which speeds up the project, improves accuracy, and aids in decision-making. In addition, our scan to BIM services enables designers and engineers to produce precise BIM Tree outputs while saving time and money on modeling.
The most precise and effective method for creating an as-built BIM model from an existing structure is to use the scan to BIM modeling services. This method can be used for various projects, including residential, factories, commercial, airports, opera houses, heritage buildings, tunnels, fire stations, etc.
We commonly use our laser scanning technology to produce 3D Point Clould models. Our models are incredibly intuitive and deliver precise data on building materials, circumstances of the particular, and costs. This dramatically increases the effectiveness and reliability of our Scan to BIM models. In addition, we offer scan to BIM services to the construction firms, retail industry, general contractors, engineering consultants, architectural firms, and MEP contractors.

Features that distinguish our scan to BIM services

Components such as walls, mesh modeling, panels, construction geometry, columns, extraction of clean typography, ducts, pipes, conduits, pipe runs, and more are scanned and modeled.
To create as-built models for MEP services, scan to BIM is employed.
Our tools have a robust workflow system foundation.
Automated detection of groups of pipes and walls outside the point cloud.
Accurate point measurement for the correct dimension during the scanning process
Uses scanned data to produce 2D plans, sections, and elevations.
Development of a 3D model from LOD 100 to LOD 500
We can create BIM models from point cloud data
Easily understandable formats for data export and import from electronic surveying equipment