2D / CAD Drafting Services

BIM Tree is well known for its high-quality drafting and design work. Our 2D drafting experts have a solid understanding of structural, architectural, and engineering requirements. Our 2D Drafting Services are accessible to satisfy the needs of our clients and adhere to worldwide quality standards. These services may include images, plans, markups of maps, and other items.
Experienced engineers, CAD designers, and project managers proficient in 2D design make up our team. Customers that use our 2D drafting services gain access to reliable, simple, rapid, and accurate designs. We offer structural 2D drafting services for small to major improvements, residential and commercial buildings, and construction projects, including elevation, plan, general layout, and sections. As needed for submittal, we are experienced in producing structural Construction document sets in CAD. In addition, we adhere to your structural CAD guidelines. We constantly adhere to the same standards to guarantee our drawing’s quality and consistency throughout all projects for a given client.
At BIM Tree, accuracy is a key component of the 2D drafting and drawing process. The outcomes will be clear, precise, and simple to use with entirely new CAD designs. We generally provide the following services for 2D drafting services:

Architectural 2D Drafting and Drawings

800x700 2d cad1


Other Engineering Drawings